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Medical Marijuana Bill Passes House Committee in 14-3 Vote

CONCORD – The House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee brought seriously ill Granite Staters closer to relief today with a 14-3 “ought to pass” vote on a bill to allow the medical use of marijuana. H.B.

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Medical Marijuana Voter Guide Published at NHCompassion.org

After falling two votes short with a medical marijuana bill in 2009, patients and advocates prepare for effort in 2011

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10 Senators Stand with Gov. Lynch, Kill Medical Marijuana Bill

On Oct. 28, the NH House of Representatives voted to override Gov. Lynch's veto of HB 648 in a 240-115 vote.  Less than an hour later, the Senate voted 14-10 in favor, but this was less than the 2/3 majority that would have been required for an override.

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U.S. Attorney’s Announcement Brings New Hope for Medical Marijuana Bill in New Hampshire

Medical marijuana vote Oct. 28; poll shows 71% support

CONCORD – Patients and their advocates received new hope Tuesday in their effort to pass a medical marijuana bill in New Hampshire.  The U.S. attorney for New Hampshire, John Kacavas, announced that his department will not prosecute seriously ill patients who use marijuana to relieve their suffering.

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New Hampshire Patients Look to Legislature for Relief as Gov. Lynch Vetoes Medical Marijuana Bill

Bill Had Been Altered by Lawmakers to Address Governor's Specific Concerns
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Medical Marijuana Advocates Announce New TV Ad

Ad Features New Hampshire Cancer Survivor Dennis Acton Asking Gov. Lynch to Allow Medical Marijuana Bill to Become Law
CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Advocates for the New Hampshire medical marijuana bill recently passed by the state Legislature announced a new TV ad today urging Gov.
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NH Legislature Sends Revised Medical Marijuana Bill to Governor

Bill Was Revised Specifically to Address Gov. Lynch's Concerns; Advocates Launch Radio Ad Campaign

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Committee Approves Revised Medical Marijuana Bill

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Legislative Team Forms to Negotiate Medical Marijuana Compromise


CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — The Senate today added three members to a "committee of conference" that will work to negotiate a compromise with Gov. John Lynch on HB 648, the medical marijuana bill. Sens. Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth), Peggy Gilmour (D-Hollis) and John Gallus (R-Berlin) will join Reps. Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua), Evalyn Merrick (D-Lancaster), Robert Bridgham (D-Carroll) and David Welch (R-Kingston), who were named to the committee last week.