Medical marijuana bill introduced!

Dear Supporters of Medical Marijuana in New Hampshire:

I’m happy to announce that SB 409, the 2012 medical marijuana bill, has been introduced in the New Hampshire Senate and scheduled for a public hearing next Thursday, March 8, at 2:00pm in Room 100 of the New Hampshire State House.

This bill is somewhat different from last year’s bill. Instead of allowing state-licensed dispensaries, SB 409 would allow qualifying patients or their designated caregivers to cultivate a limited amount of marijuana for medical use. This change was made because the US attorney for New Hampshire has said dispensaries would not be given safe harbor even if regulated by the state.

We continue to believe that the best policy for patients would be to allow both options: home cultivation and dispensaries. Fortunately for patients who would prefer dispensaries, Vermont and Maine have proven that once the law is created protecting patients from arrest, dispensaries can be added later to improve patients’ access.

Please click here to find out who your senator is. If you’d like an easy way to contact your senator very quickly, click here and feel free to share this link with your friends!

If you have any interest in speaking at the hearing, please contact me at so we can coordinate testimony. All are welcome to support patients by attending, dressed in professional attire. (Signs, banners, and other displays of support are not welcome in the State House – if you choose to attend, please help us make a strong, positive impression on these decision-makers.)



--Kirk McNeil