Legislature appeases Gov. Hassan; medical marijuana compromise signed into law

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The good news is that the compromise version of HB 573 was signed into law July 23, 2013. Click here for a summary of the law and click here to visit the state's website for the program.

Unfortunately, Gov. Hassan insisted on having the bill gutted before she would agree to sign it. She insisted that legislators remove the provision allowing patients to grow their own plants, so no patient will have safe, state-legal access until alternative treatment centers (ATCs) open.

Additionally, Gov. Hassan insisted on several other changes before she was willing to sign the bill: the removal of post-traumatic stress disorder as a qualifying condition, the removal of an affirmative defense provision that would have protected patients if they are arrested before ID cards are available, and the inclusion of a requirement that patients must obtain written permission before using medical marijuana on another person's property.

In February 2014, the NH Attorney General advised the Department of Health and Human Services to NOT begin issuing ID cards until an ATC opens. This means that patients could be without any legal protection for another year and a half or more.

The NH House passed a bill in 2014 that would allow patients to cultivate up to two mature plants. HB 1622 passed the House 227-73 (76% support), but the Senate sent it to a meaningless "interim study." Read more »

Where do NH candidates stand on marijuana policy?

Dear Friends, 

As I expect you know, the New Hampshire general election will take place next Tuesday, November 4.

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Hassan sides with police chiefs over patients, says NO to home grow

As the AP reports, Gov. Hassan has decided the "concerns" of some police chiefs are more important than the pressing, immediate needs of seriously ill patients. Very sad -- call Hassan's office today at 271-2121 to politely express your displeasure to Hassan's phone-answerers.

House committee approves medical marijuana bill, 14-1

 As reported by The Nashua Telegraph, HB 573 has been approved 14-1 by a key House committee and will soon receive a vote on the floor of the House. Contact your representatives today!

New poll shows strong support for reform!

A new poll commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project has found strong public support for reforming marijuana laws in New Hampshire! According to the poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP), 68% of Granite Staters support allowing marijuana for medical use. The full results are available here.

MPP publishes voter guide for Sept. 11 primary!

Click here to see where candidates for governor and state Senate stand on medical marijuana.

NHPR report: "New Governor Could Mean Business For Medical Marijuana In N.H."

This Sept. 4 NHPR report examines the positions of candidates for NH governor. Definitely worth a read and/or a listen!

Federal Medical Marijuana Patient Irvin Rosenfeld Visits Concord!

Irvin Rosenfeld, author of the book My Medicine, visited Concord May 8 for a press conference and meetings with elected officials. Irvin is one of four patients who still receives a legal supply of medical marijuana from the US government, and he's even allowed to use it at places like the New Hampshire State House!  WMUR has the story.

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